Natural thin veneer stone for the southeast.
Because real stone is naturally better.

Why natural thin veneer stone?

Thin veneer stone is quickly becoming the product of choice over full stone and manufactured stone for a variety of reasons. What is thin veneer stone? It is a facing product that has been sawed from the full stone to between 1 -1 ½” thick.

Thin veneer is much lighter in weight and reduces the cost of installation in a variety of ways. The construction requires less concrete for foundation footers, less weight bearing framing, less mortar, and less time and cost to install. Basically, you are removing the weight from the equation and the builder can construct a conventional wood frame or block wall and apply the thin veneer stone to the prepared surface.

The recent demand for manufactured veneer products in the marketplace has prompted the demand for this real stone veneer. The discerning customer knows the beauty and longevity of real stone makes it the natural choice over manufactured products with texture and colors that fade.

For character of detail, color and shape, customers and designers know there's nothing like the natural beauty and aesthetic appeal of real stone. Quarried and milled locally in Dayton, Tennessee, Appalachian Stone chooses only the finest quality stone for its veneer products.

Visit our full service showroom to choose the Appalachian Stone veneer that is perfect for your project and see the real difference for yourself!


Learn more about thin veneer stone installation, ordering, deliver, special cuts & mixes, durability & longevity in our products section. Or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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