Delivery Basics

Delivery is handled in several ways. We can drop ship FOB from the manufacturing facility to the job site or business location. We also provide alternative shipping methods for small orders or you can pick the product up at our plant.

The product is packaged in pallets with approximately 100 square feet or boxes containing 10 square feet.

Delivery Cost

Cost of delivery is determined at the time an order is placed. Distance and fuel costs are factors to determine the final delivery charges. However, because thin veneer weighs less and takes up less space on the trucks, costs for delivery are greatly reduced over full stone products (approximately ¼ less). What this means to you in dollar savings alone for thin veneer delivery is substantial.

Special Order Items

Special order items are cut on demand and could require additional delivery time. We state approximate delivery time when orders are placed.

 Pallet example: Cobblestones Ashlar Tumbled Brown Jumbo

Pallet example: Cobblestones Ashlar Tumbled Brown Jumbo