Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Appalachian Stone real, natural stone?

A: Yes. Appalachian Stone is a real product of nature. This brings the natural beauty, color-fast properties, and easy maintenance of authentic, natural stone.

Q: How much does your authentic stone veneer weigh?

A: About 12-14 pounds per square foot. Because the stone is so thin the weight is greatly reduced, simplifying installation and making our stone perfect where weight is a consideration.

Q: How thick is your stone veneer?

A: Approximately 1 1/2 inches thick. The total installed depth is 2 - 3 1/2 inches thick. The reduced thickness makes it easy for you to install our stone veneers using traditional masonry methods, perfect for interior or exterior application. The reduced size of our stone (about 1/3 that of regular stone) can also decrease shipping cost.

Q: How is your stone veneer installed? Does it require a water vapor barrier?

A: Please refer to our complete installation guide on our resources page for answers to all your installation questions.

Q: How do I know how much stone should I order?

A: It's best to have a mason do a take off. Otherwise, you can measure the square footage length by width. For corners, do a linear foot running vertically. Allow at least a 5% waste factor.

Q: Does your stone require a brick ledge for installation?

A: No, in most cases it does not. Typically it can go directly on the wall.

Q: How is your product packaged?

A: In pallets covering approximately 80-100 square feet or in boxes that cover 10 square feet for smaller application.

Q: Are accessories available?

A: Yes. Contact us for more information.