Natural thin stone veneer is installed in much the same fashion ease as manufactured stone but has advantages over manufactured products in color, durability, and versatility. When you break or cut into a natural stone, the workability of the product over manufactured products is soon evident.

Natural stone is colorfast with qualities of color and texture that can never be reproduced; each piece is unique. There is never a risk of natural stone developing a repeating pattern as with manufactured products.

Since thin stone is natural stone, it is available in all the colors and blends of full veneer stone. Many projects require a mixture of both full stone veneer and thin veneer. With Appalachian Stone you are assured that the combined stones will be a match.

When installed correctly, Appalachian Stone veneer needs virtually no maintenance and does not require sealing to improve the longevity or appearance.

See our installation guide for full details.

Important note about coverage

Our product is packaged to cover the square foot area in quantity listed on the package with a ½” grout joint. The dry stack methods of installation requires more stone for a tighter fit and to allow for breaking, grinding and chipping the stone. The coverage can vary greatly depending on the installer. Coverage for this method will require that you order additional stone.